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Review: Contra 4

January 7, 2008

Contra 4 is very much to its heritage what New Super Mario Bros. was — and that’s a good thing. Make no mistake, this shooter comes out with its fists flying, eager and willing to kick your butt. If you aren’t familiar with the Contra series, Contra 4 doesn’t really give a care — it’s […]

NES = Mainstream Gaming

July 30, 2007

So, earlier today, I was blown away. While at a friend’s grandparent’s house, we were treated to a lovely dinner of chicken, and afterwards, one of my friends had wandered to the living room only to be reminded of the old NES stored there. He booted up Mario Bros. 3 and we filtered in, eager […]

Ideas for Brawl Stages

June 16, 2007

So earlier I chose my picks for Brawl characters. What about stages? I’ve been doing some pondering and came up with some whimsical ideas… Super Mario Bros. 3 The original Smash had a Mario Bros. 1 level, and Melee made another Mario Bros. 1 level and added a Mario Bros. 2 level. It would only […]

Kid Icarus “Documentary”

June 15, 2007

I happened upon this cool little documentary–another entry into the Short Cuts contest, though this one didn’t make the cut. It’s rather funny, though.

More Nintendo Short Cuts Entries

June 9, 2007

I’ve been peeling across YouTube in search of more quality Nintendo Short Cuts Entries, so I decided I’d share my findings with you… This one is pretty cool and very creative, pulling elements from Nintendo games to make a news show.

Retro Review: Kid Icarus

June 7, 2007

Back in 1986, a game came around that went on to become a cult classic, a game whose name inspired awe and fond memories in the hearts of gamers. That game went on to have an unnoticed sequel on the Game Boy, and since then, its name was uttered only in the past-tense and fans […]

Mario Adventure!

June 6, 2007

What does the blog say about his power level? It’s over ONE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAND!! Obvious joke aside, I present to you…Mario Adventure:  


May 30, 2007

A site that has been gradually gaining my interest is They’ve been working with Game Trailers lately, which is how I’ve been getting acquainted This site has its own radio show and various video shows which range from countdowns to checking out old games to completely mocking old games and everything inbetween. I just […]

Flash Feature Part 3 – VG Etc.

May 21, 2007

In our final segment, we’re diving into a mixed bag of flashes—it’s a variety of show of comedy and action (mostly comedy) from all over, so I hope you can find something you like. All About Random Battles One of my all-time favorites, this well-produced educational video will tell you all you need to know […]