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Review: Mario Strikers Charged

August 7, 2007

In this summer drought, many gamers are left with parched throats, thirsting for anything that will keep them occupied until the holiday rush of triple A titles hits. Mario Strikers Charged aims to alleviate the pain of boredom this summer for hardcore gamers, but many have written it off as a mediocre football game (or […]

Up for Review: Mario Strikers Charged

June 19, 2007

That’s right–it’s looking that the next game I’ll be reviewing will be Mario Strikers Charged, the football (oh, wait, I mean, soccer–stupid America I live in) game for the Wii that features nasty-mean Mario characters playing a good ol’ bit of footie in arcade fashion. The game also features online play so you and random […]

Mario Strikers Charged Art — It’s “Kickin’!”

May 24, 2007

  Check it out, it’s some hot stuff! I’d post it here, but the images are too large to fit into the blog, and I really don’t feel like resizing and uploading every single one, so make sure to click the pic above to see them all.