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Sorry, folks, life has just been quite too crazy these days for me to have the time to post here.

Between school, social drama that I’m just now getting through (I hope), getting engaged, and Zentendo, it’s been one hell of a month.


This post will serve as a hub to all of my Brawl stuff. I will post my Friend Codes here, a link to my Brawl snapshot Flickr album, a link to a post with my levels (when I do eventually get deep into that) and probably some of my stats, too.

Wii Friend Code: Coming Soon

Brawl Friend Code: Coming Soon

Flickr Album: Coming Soon

Custom Stages: Coming Soon

Statistics: Coming Soon


Brawl is now out in America, ladies and gents.

The wait is over.

You can expect me to have a few posts on stuff in the days to come.

I want to start a flickr album for my Brawl photo album, and maybe start a thread showcasing some of my created levels, too.

You’ll also likely see my review in about a week and a half or two.

I imagine I already have a stack of incoming Brawl Friends ready for the taking…But I’m sure I’ll also have room for more afterwards.

So if anyone out there is interested, I’ll probably also be posting my Brawl Friendcode and such.

Hope to see you out on the battlefield!


An animation project I created in After Effects. The audio I put together in Sound Track Pro.

It’s a quote from the famous Shigeru Miyamoto — I love the quote so much I had it painted on the side of my Wii. Yes, the whole thing.

Check it out after the jump.


Ken Levine made a lot of promises with BioShock, a project driven by a lot of hard work and a lot of ambition. Fortunately, that work paid off. BioShock lives up to most of what it tries to deliver, offering up a refreshing FPS title that welcomes all types of gamers with its variety of gameplay styles and superbly written story.


Check it!

Metacritic Debut

What does this mean?



It’s here, people: Brawl is out in Japan and people are playing it and leaking it.

Check out some pics here for confirmation:


(sorry for the size issue, can’t do much about that right now, don’t have time)

It’s showtime!

Sonic’s the name — speed’s my game!


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I found this pretty sweet video that takes various footage from the Subspace Emissary and strings it together to fit the soundtrack to the 300 trailer. It’s good stuff.


Today’s Brawl update gave us a new piano remix of a classic theme by the man himself: Koji Kondo.

And to go along with that delightful mix was a wonderful stage to match: The Mushroomy Kingdom.


Not quite like you remember it, is it?


The flood is near, friends: Brawl is printed and in the hands of some lucky folks. I’m sure we’ll finally get answers to our many questions soon…

Looks like we haven’t received any info as all since. Many are calling BS on all of this, but I personally don’t see why.

I just wish we were getting some actual information.