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Brawl Update: Mushroomy Kingdom

January 23, 2008

Today’s Brawl update gave us a new piano remix of a classic theme by the man himself: Koji Kondo. And to go along with that delightful mix was a wonderful stage to match: The Mushroomy Kingdom.   Not quite like you remember it, is it? Advertisements

Brawl Update: Mario Circuit

December 18, 2007

That Mario Kart level we’ve seen bits of in the trailers was finally revealed on the DOJO!! recently… Looks pretty faithful to the series, no?  

Mario Galaxy Video Guide

December 7, 2007

Need some help on some of the stars in Mario Galaxy, but written FAQs don’t cut it? Haven’t gotten your hands on it and want to see some more of the game? Check out our slowly growing video guide right here:

(Mini) Review: Super Mario Galaxy

November 27, 2007

It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo has finally created one of those landmark achievements in gaming history. We’re looking at a rebirth of the platforming genre, and Super Mario Galaxy has set an extremely high standard. A worthy sequel to Super Mario 64? More like a title that succeeds it and every other […]

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, everybody!! Check out our costumes! We won our college’s costume contest! Click the pics to see them in full version. I’m Mario, my GF is Peach, and my friend is Luigi! An acquaintance of our showed up in a brilliant Link outfit. The contest was group themed, and she was by herself, so […]

Top 15 Favorite Games/Series

October 29, 2007

So those of you who want to know what my most favorite games are get your wish today. Bear in mind that this is my personal list. There’s some rules set in place, however, to make things simple: I’m only including one game per series. By series, I’m talking gameplay-wise. If I feel the gameplay […]

Mario Galaxy Footage

October 29, 2007

I’ve been saying it for months now — Galaxy is going to be a heavy contender for Game of the Year, and certainly will go down as one of, if not the BEST, 3D platformer ever created. Take a peek to get a taste of the action:    

Hilarious Super Paper Mario Review

October 24, 2007

If you haven’t seen this guy’s reviews before, they’re a total riot. I do agree with a few of his points (bland platforming and his comments on the art work as well as the dual-dimension bit, AND the fact that it’s the worst of the series), but I also disagree with a lot he says […]

VC Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

October 16, 2007

When the Virtual Console was initially announced, one of the first games to come to many minds was the original sequel to Super Mario Bros., a game that didn’t reach Americans until the early 90s, and then only in re-made form under the guise of “The Lost Levels” in the excellent compilation Super Mario All-Stars […]

W…T…F…? “Real Life” Brawling?

October 14, 2007

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa… This is just…messed up…But SO messed up, it’s entertaining. It’s got plenty of inappropiateness, so watch out for that.