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Understanding the Casual Gamer

January 9, 2008

There’s an interesting article about casual gamer stereotypes right here. Give it a read, some of you hardcore folks might learn something. Advertisements

Brawl Incoming: The Features

January 8, 2008

It’s a matter of days before Brawl launched in Japan and just over a month before it hits us here. The Smash community is in a tizzy, for sure. And there’s a lot to be excited about. Any Smash fan who hasn’t been keeping up with the Brawl updates is missing out on knowing about […]

Playing With Gamer Emotions

December 9, 2007

Very interesting analysis of how video games affect people’s emotions — graphics, music, etc. It’s very fascinating stuff, and it all makes sense. Heh, that means I’m a more imaginative person according to what they remark on about graphics. Give it a look, you JUST – MIGHT – LEARN SOMETHING. 😉


September 18, 2007

So, Brawl online was confirmed today! Rejoice and be glad! However, those expecting some grand XBox Live-like service will be disappointed. Sakurai was open and honest in saying that it will be laggy across very far distances (basically, other countries). You can play the two traditional NWC ways: With Friends or With Anyone.

No Grown-Ups Allowed

July 3, 2007

After all of this hub-bub about Manhunt 2, many have come to realize that America still views video games as a kids-oriented hobby, when, in fact, most gamers are in the age bracket that’s considered adults. “Oh, who will look after the children?!” they cry. Oh, I don’t know…how about the parents? That is what […]

Brawl Update: Assist Trophies

July 2, 2007

Yet another new item has been added to the roster–this one looks to be the most intriguing yet. It’s called the Assist Trophy. What does it do?

e-Athletes in Korea

June 30, 2007

Professional gaming–something that loosely exists here in America but is some big stuff in Korea. Check out this article from BBC Click… (They could do with some grammatical editing now and again, though…) In some nations gamers are looked down upon, but in South Korea professional gaming, or e-sports, is worth billions of dollars and […]

Gamers Unite Part 2

June 30, 2007

Gamers Unite, the documentary, has released it’s second part–The Stand. Some rather good things are said here, such as the kid who points out how he can separate reality from fantasy–a notion that many folks like Jack Thompson can’t seem to understand. We do the same with books and media, why is it so hard […]

Brawl Update: Player Profiles

June 28, 2007

Today, Sakurai updated the Brawl site by revealing some new information on the player profile options.

Video of the Week: 6/22

June 22, 2007

Yea, I know, I missed my two features. =P Gonna have to get on that and crack into shape, eh? This week’s video, entitled “ROAD 2,” is a very bizarre yet well-animated fight between two nerds. It’s quite amusing, so give it a watch.