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Review: BioShock

February 11, 2008

Ken Levine made a lot of promises with BioShock, a project driven by a lot of hard work and a lot of ambition. Fortunately, that work paid off. BioShock lives up to most of what it tries to deliver, offering up a refreshing FPS title that welcomes all types of gamers with its variety of […]

Seeking Out BioShock

August 24, 2007

Yeeeeaaa…So everything I predicted about BioShock seems to be true…A masterful work of interactive fiction? It sure sounds like it from everything I’ve read. Now the issue is actually getting to PLAY the bloody thing…I own no 360. So, what I intend to seek out in the next month or so is someone who’s willing […]

BioShock > My PC

August 4, 2007

So, the minimum system requirements of BioShock mean I can’t play it on my PC, which makes me sad. But our laptops can run Oblivion…That’s cool. Hm…I really want to play this one, that’s for sure.  It makes me wonder about the debate between a 360 or a PS3. It’s still too early to tell […]