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Brawl Incoming: The Features

January 8, 2008

It’s a matter of days before Brawl launched in Japan and just over a month before it hits us here. The Smash community is in a tizzy, for sure. And there’s a lot to be excited about. Any Smash fan who hasn’t been keeping up with the Brawl updates is missing out on knowing about […]

Review: Contra 4

January 7, 2008

Contra 4 is very much to its heritage what New Super Mario Bros. was — and that’s a good thing. Make no mistake, this shooter comes out with its fists flying, eager and willing to kick your butt. If you aren’t familiar with the Contra series, Contra 4 doesn’t really give a care — it’s […]

Review: Geometry Wars Galaxies

December 27, 2007

Don’t let Mario’s Galaxies be the only ones you visit this holiday. Despite the fine batch of stellar “hardcore” titles that are beginning to hit the Wii in full force, there are still a lot of complaints filed concerning their lock thereof. Unfortunately, even when third parties step up to meet this demand, they are […]

Brawl Level Creator

October 29, 2007

As if the replay value for Brawl isn’t high enough, we even get a level builder! Insane! You’ll be able to choose the size, background, and music, arrange the pieces…da whole works. You can save these to your SD card, send them to friends, or submit them to Nintendo. Every day, Nintendo will pick one […]

Dead Fantasy

October 10, 2007

Remember the guy who made Haloid? He’s at it again with another killer action animation starring Final Fantasy Chicks and Dead or Alive chicks beatin’ the crap out of each other. No dirty stuff here, just all-out kick-assery. Give it a look.

VC Review: Sin and Punishment

October 9, 2007

Seven years ago, Treasure, the creators of Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis, put together an on-rails shooter for the N64 called Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth. Quite possibly the most requested Virtual Console import game (and certainly one of the most wanted Virtual Console releases in general), Sin and Punishment has finally […]

Review: Mario Strikers Charged

August 7, 2007

In this summer drought, many gamers are left with parched throats, thirsting for anything that will keep them occupied until the holiday rush of triple A titles hits. Mario Strikers Charged aims to alleviate the pain of boredom this summer for hardcore gamers, but many have written it off as a mediocre football game (or […]

Brawl Update: Zero Laser

July 18, 2007

Samus’ final smash was revealed, and it’s one we’ve seen before: the Zero Laser. After charging up her Final Smash, Samus unleashes…

Brawl Update: Bowser’s Final Smash

July 4, 2007

So, what does Bowser’s Final Smash do…?

e-Athletes in Korea

June 30, 2007

Professional gaming–something that loosely exists here in America but is some big stuff in Korea. Check out this article from BBC Click… (They could do with some grammatical editing now and again, though…) In some nations gamers are looked down upon, but in South Korea professional gaming, or e-sports, is worth billions of dollars and […]