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Brawl Update: Mushroomy Kingdom

January 23, 2008

Today’s Brawl update gave us a new piano remix of a classic theme by the man himself: Koji Kondo. And to go along with that delightful mix was a wonderful stage to match: The Mushroomy Kingdom.   Not quite like you remember it, is it? Advertisements

NES = Mainstream Gaming

July 30, 2007

So, earlier today, I was blown away. While at a friend’s grandparent’s house, we were treated to a lovely dinner of chicken, and afterwards, one of my friends had wandered to the living room only to be reminded of the old NES stored there. He booted up Mario Bros. 3 and we filtered in, eager […]

Jukebox: 7/27

July 27, 2007

Yea, I’ve been way too busy with Zentendo to maintain this site, as you can see… And since we’re getting staff blogs there, I may not focus on this one much soon…We’ll see. Maybe I’ll port over what I write there over here. Anyway, the song for this is a sweet retrofied remix of the […]

Video of the Week: 7/27/07

July 27, 2007 Game Trailers has started a Metroid Retrospective, and it kicks ass, so check it out.