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Review: Megaman ZX Advent

November 6, 2007

Another year, another Megaman game (or two or three), right? Pretty much, yes. Thing is, the Megaman games tend to be good. As someone who hasn’t touched the franchise in recent years (Megaman Zero was the newest title I had played, and even then, not for very long), what did I think about Megaman ZX […]

Sweet Art for Potential Brawlers

June 6, 2007

MxFox from Smash World Forums has his own thread dedicated to his picks for Brawl–likely, unlikely, controversial…you name it. But the sweet part is his awesome yet simple art style showcasing his picks. I’m gonna post the ones I like–his list as actually pretty solid and has a lot of likely choices along with choices […]

My Life as a Gamer – Part 1

June 5, 2007

I just thought I’d give you guys reading this who don’t know me a visual taste of my life. Here’s a collage of photos concerning my life as a gamer. Bear in mind that these were all taken in 2006, so there’s some updating to be done.   My girlfriend playing Mario Kart DS (back […]

Flash Feature Part 3 – VG Etc.

May 21, 2007

In our final segment, we’re diving into a mixed bag of flashes—it’s a variety of show of comedy and action (mostly comedy) from all over, so I hope you can find something you like. All About Random Battles One of my all-time favorites, this well-produced educational video will tell you all you need to know […]

My Top Picks for Brawl Characters

May 20, 2007

So, which characters do I really want to see in Brawl that haven’t been announced yet? I’m gonna stick to Nintendo characters, limiting to 2 3rd party folks–Sakurai himself said they wanted to put in another 1-2 3rd party characters besides Solid Snake. Without further ado, here we go, starting with my top choice and […]