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Review: BioShock

February 11, 2008

Ken Levine made a lot of promises with BioShock, a project driven by a lot of hard work and a lot of ambition. Fortunately, that work paid off. BioShock lives up to most of what it tries to deliver, offering up a refreshing FPS title that welcomes all types of gamers with its variety of […]

Review: Rune Factory

September 14, 2007

Fans of the Harvest Moon franchise have been met with perplexed glances for years now, as only a select batch of gamers seem to be able to get into the farming sim’s quirky gameplay style. It would seem that most gamers find the idea of watering and picking crops on the lower end of the […]

Sonic RPG Headed to DS!!!

June 21, 2007

This, if you ask me, is some huge news, folks! Today, SEGA announced that Bioware is developing a Sonic RPG for the DS, due out in 2008. Bioware, we’re talking here! Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect! Can you say, “WTF-OMG?!” This is quite possibly the best news for the Blue Blur […]