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Mario Party 8 Sales Soar…

July 2, 2007

Mario Party 8 has sold extremely well since its release, pushing out over 550,000 copies… I’m not very pleased with this, myself. The game seems to have won more casual folks over, which is fine, I suppose–the game is geared more toward them, anyway. But I simply don’t think it’s of quality–not the quality Nintendo […]

Gamers Need to Make Room for the Industry to Expand

June 17, 2007

A post I made–a rant, if you will–so I hope you enjoy. I posted it on the 1Up Boards, but I’ve edited it to fit a more general context. Speaking of which, I got another mention on this week’s podcast. 😉 Sweet stuff. As we enter the next “phase” of video games, things are a […]