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Brawl Update: Sheik

January 16, 2008

That’s right — she’s back in action, fans. And she looks better than ever. I normally wouldn’t point this out, but to any stubborn twats… SHE HAS BOOBS THIS TIME. And long hair. And yes, like in Melee, they refer to her as FEMALE. That’s right, she is a GIRL, just in case anyone was […]

Sheik Confirmed for Brawl (or maybe not?)

January 10, 2008

CoroCoro magazine had some juicy new leaked Brawl info today: they confirmed that Zelda’s Down B Special is “Twilight Transformation” which will turn her into Sheik, and that her Final Smash is the Arrows of Light from Twilight Princess. They also revealed that Sonic and Snake are, in fact, unlockable and are not available at […]