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e-Athletes in Korea

June 30, 2007

Professional gaming–something that loosely exists here in America but is some big stuff in Korea. Check out this article from BBC Click… (They could do with some grammatical editing now and again, though…) In some nations gamers are looked down upon, but in South Korea professional gaming, or e-sports, is worth billions of dollars and […]

Gamers Need to Make Room for the Industry to Expand

June 17, 2007

A post I made–a rant, if you will–so I hope you enjoy. I posted it on the 1Up Boards, but I’ve edited it to fit a more general context. Speaking of which, I got another mention on this week’s podcast. 😉 Sweet stuff. As we enter the next “phase” of video games, things are a […]

“It’ll Be Done When It’s Done.”

May 24, 2007

Such is the saying that many game developers adhere to when creating big scale games. I for one believe that this policy is all fine and good–until you announce a game. Once you announce a game, you really should sort out a release date as soon as you can, or else you’re going to piss […]