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Song(s) of the Week: Still Alive/Still Annoyed

December 9, 2007

A really great song meets players who beat Portal, part of the Orange Box. That game’s jokes, including this ending song, “Still Alive,” have become a gamer phenomenon, and I see why — it’s hilarious. Check out Scott Ramsoomair’s flash which accompanies the song. These guys must’ve either hated science classes OR loved them but […]

1Up Theme Rock Remix

November 3, 2007

Here’s a funky rock remix of the 1Up Show theme song, approved by my favorite Jane Pinckard. I’d say that Stemage (behind the Metroid Metal series) did a cool job with this one. Give it a listen. For the original version (as well as some remixed versions the team did themselves) check out their […]

Video of LAST week?

August 6, 2007

Bahhhh, slipping on this blog, to be sure. I promise I’ll be writing more once I have a staff blog at Zentendo. Not as much as I was in May or June, but certainly more than right now, methinks…hopefully…I guess we shall see. Anyway, this video is cool.

Jukebox: 7/27

July 27, 2007

Yea, I’ve been way too busy with Zentendo to maintain this site, as you can see… And since we’re getting staff blogs there, I may not focus on this one much soon…We’ll see. Maybe I’ll port over what I write there over here. Anyway, the song for this is a sweet retrofied remix of the […]

Tune of the Week: 7/18/07

July 18, 2007

This tune of the week is a remix from Twilight Princess, and an awe-inspiring one at that. Crafted by the excellent mixer Darkesword, it’s entitled Tattered Slippers, and can be listen to here. It’s a very good arrangement that blends a few TP tunes in with its own stuff. Definitely worth listening to. This is […]

Thursday Jukebox: 6/28/07

June 28, 2007

Today, I direct you toward a wonderful remix of a modern classic, Shadow of the Colossus. This mix takes a very well-known and pronounced song from the game and gives it a majestic techno flair. The name of the mix is Snowfall in the Forbidden Lands and was mixed by ceili and Sephfire.

Brawl Update: Ocarina of Time Medley

June 26, 2007

To add on top of the Zelda update yesterday is a preview of what sounds like it’ll be a fantastic Ocarina of Time medley, which you can listen to right here. Another song, another reason why the soundtrack to this one is going to be great. The arrangement supervisor is someone who’s worked on the […]

Thursday Jukebox – 6/22

June 22, 2007

Never mind that it’s a day late… This adrenaline-pumpin’ mix from Punch-Out!! tells the tale of Little Mac and his quest to win it all, only to fail in the end. It’s called Little Mac’s Confession, mixed by Game Over, and it’s really something. Very rockin’, and the use of sung lyrics is actually welcomed […]

Aquaria = OMG!

June 15, 2007

So today I happened by pure chance to stumble upon info regarding an independent game in development by a small company called Bit-Blot. The game is called Aquaria, and is set to hit the seas sometime soon, I’d imagine. This game looks astonishing, so you really should check out all of the stuff I gathered […]

Thursday Jukebox – 6/14/07

June 14, 2007

While playing Kid Icarus and writing the review for it, I listened to this epic anthem. It’s a good listen, and I’ll bet an arranged version will be in Brawl. It’s called MegaloKidMarch, it’s mixed by Nixdorux, and can be found right here.