Same Sky
All Worlds Share the Same Sky…

We’re on Metacritic!

Check it!

Metacritic Debut

What does this mean?


It means that we’re now on Metacritic, one of the biggest compendiums of professional game reviews. It means that my reviews are right there, carrying the same weight as the big dogs! It means that Zentendo has been acknowledged as a professional enough gaming site by the most famous website that collects game reviews. It means that Zentendo is, in a sense, not as small potatoes as it was last summer.
What a year it’s been for my first steps into this field, huh? Just a year ago, I was writing reviews at The Hylia. And this summer, I could be going to E3. Such madness. I’m looking forward to seeing how this stuff pans out
This could very well be the chance we needed to get our name out there.

One Response to “We’re on Metacritic!”

  1. I thought there wasn’t any E3 anymore… Wow, I’d love to go to that…

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