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Brawl Update: Frigate Orpheon

December 18, 2007

I was pretty pleased to finally see a new Metroid level on the DOJO today…     And it’s from Metroid Prime, nonetheless. Kick ass.   Advertisements

VC Review: Super Metroid

September 10, 2007

While the Metroid series has found its path as a 3D first person adventure as of late, fans of the franchise still look at the 2D entries as Metroid in its proper form. Super Metroid is the title that most point to as the pinnacle in the series, and for good reason.

VC Review: Metroid

August 22, 2007

Back before Chun-Li or Lara Croft, there was Samus Aran. In 1986, Gunpei Yokoi (who would go on to create the original Game Boy) set off to produce another unique and revolutionary NES title, seeking to blend the platforming of Mario with the exploration and tool-collecting of Zelda. The end result was a nostalgic classic […]