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Through the Door

February 22, 2008

An animation project I created in After Effects. The audio I put together in Sound Track Pro. It’s a quote from the famous Shigeru Miyamoto — I love the quote so much I had it painted on the side of my Wii. Yes, the whole thing. Check it out after the jump. Advertisements

Review: BioShock

February 11, 2008

Ken Levine made a lot of promises with BioShock, a project driven by a lot of hard work and a lot of ambition. Fortunately, that work paid off. BioShock lives up to most of what it tries to deliver, offering up a refreshing FPS title that welcomes all types of gamers with its variety of […]

We’re on Metacritic!

February 5, 2008

Check it! What does this mean?  

Brawl Update: Mushroomy Kingdom

January 23, 2008

Today’s Brawl update gave us a new piano remix of a classic theme by the man himself: Koji Kondo. And to go along with that delightful mix was a wonderful stage to match: The Mushroomy Kingdom.   Not quite like you remember it, is it?

Japanese Brawl Copy Leaked!

January 22, 2008

The flood is near, friends: Brawl is printed and in the hands of some lucky folks. I’m sure we’ll finally get answers to our many questions soon… Looks like we haven’t received any info as all since. Many are calling BS on all of this, but I personally don’t see why. I just wish we […]

The Sad State of GameSpot

January 21, 2008

Sam Kennedy from has a great  blog post analyzing the effects of Gerstmanngate. Give it a good read.

Brawl Characters Leaked in Brawl Trailer?

January 21, 2008

It would seem that some HIGHLY observant person(s) noticed some very fine details in a recent video that has since been edited to cover up what seems to be a leak revealing these characters as playable: Ness Jigglyupuff Lucario You can see the stuff in this video: It’s around 4:20. It has all since […]

Understanding the Casual Gamer

January 9, 2008

There’s an interesting article about casual gamer stereotypes right here. Give it a read, some of you hardcore folks might learn something.

Brawl Update: Frigate Orpheon

December 18, 2007

I was pretty pleased to finally see a new Metroid level on the DOJO today…     And it’s from Metroid Prime, nonetheless. Kick ass.  

Brawl Update: Mario Circuit

December 18, 2007

That Mario Kart level we’ve seen bits of in the trailers was finally revealed on the DOJO!! recently… Looks pretty faithful to the series, no?