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Brawl Characters Leaked in Brawl Trailer?

It would seem that some HIGHLY observant person(s) noticed some very fine details in a recent video that has since been edited to cover up what seems to be a leak revealing these characters as playable:




You can see the stuff in this video:

It’s around 4:20.

It has all since been edited out, very much like the way Alesia Glidewell’s credits for voicing Krystal were removed from her website the day after it was put off.

[UPDATE: Turns out that video I linked to above has been edited and thus the proof is no longer there. BUT, fear not, as there is a You Tube version.]


4 Responses to “Brawl Characters Leaked in Brawl Trailer?”

  1. Wow, that’s not suspicious at ALL… The fact that Mewtwo isn’t there (as that sticker seems to affect all Pokemon characters) makes me a little sad, but hopefully Lucario will be a fun character.

  2. wait up, sonicboom. remember that some characters have to be UNLOCKED first. so is very likely for mewtwo to be in brawl =)

  3. […] [NOTE: Lucario has been unofficially confirmed via a trailer leak that was edited out. Check out the… […]

  4. Is Roy replaced with Ike??? I wouldn’t want that even though Ike is going to beast….it would be a cool fight to see…ROY vs. Ike or maybe LINK MARTH IKE and ROY in a battle royalfor title of Brawlin Swordsman Champ

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