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Flash Feature Part 3 – VG Etc.

In our final segment, we’re diving into a mixed bag of flashes—it’s a variety of show of comedy and action (mostly comedy) from all over, so I hope you can find something you like.

All About Random Battles

One of my all-time favorites, this well-produced educational video will tell you all you need to know about how to cope with Random Battles. Isn’t that right, Cloud?
This one is not only original, creative, and funny, but it looks great, too, and does a fantastic job at emulating FF7.


Final Fantasy A+
One of the best flashes I’ve ever seen, this hand-drawn Final Fantasy flash puts a twist on the formula by taking it to school. It’s a classic and one of the most revered flashes on Newgrounds, and for good reason.

Megaman VS Quickman
Don’t let the hand-drawn art fool you—this flash packs a punch. It’s got old-skool Megaman written all over it, and while it may not be technically as up-to-snuff as other stuff, it’s an oldie, and it’s still well-done. Some careful attention was paid to some of the details. It has a very epic and visceral feel to it, and the ending is both clever and awesome. Don’t miss out on this one.

Mario vs. Sonic
The true flash that started it all, this one’s the best of the bunch, too. It’s a classic, so lined up against some more recent stuff, the action isn’t near as fresh or exciting, but remember—this was back when this stuff was still blossoming. This set some standards. It even has multiple endings. It’s a classic back from 2001 (when flash was still making a name for itself), so be sure not to miss out.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Crab Battle
An amazing flash and one of my favorites, this good-looking and well-animated Metal Gear flash details Snake’s battle against a “cave demon.” There is no Metal Gear prerequisite you need in order to enjoy this one. It’s just plain fun.

I Am Resident Evil
Resident Evil fans will get a kick out of this parody, which takes its idea from a commercial and utilizes it to make fun of pretty much every facet of the Resident Evil series. It even has voice acting that’s probably better than the games themselves (not that this is difficult). It’s also drawn and animated by Legendary Frog (who did some of the earlier entries in this feature series), so you know it’s good.

8 Bit D&D
You like Dungeons and Dragons? Or better yet—do you likelaughing at people who play Dungeons and Dragons? This flash uses 8-Bit Final Fantasy sprites (basing the characters off of a certain popular web comic) to re-create an audio skit that makes fun (and quite accurately so) of Dungeons and Dragons players.

Metroid: Genesis
This is one of those flash games you should try out with your Wiimote. Inspired by Metroid Prime and combined with a rails shooter, this one is pretty darned good for a simple flash. Not the biggest thing in the world, but Metroid fans are sure to get a kick out of it.

Random Craziness

A Day in the Life
…of Dr. Salvador, everyone’s favorite Chainsaw Guy. =)


Adopt-A-Box Foundation
Precisely what it sounds like: a commercial starring Solid Snake, advertising one of those charity foundations, only you’re supporting poor boxes in need rather than children. Not of the highest quality, but an amusing watch for Metal Gear fans, or well, anyone who loves randomness. Oh, and did I mention it was made within 24 hours? Still rather funny, though.



Christmas Greeting
Short but so sweet.



Mario Twins
A very bizarre flash to match a very bizarre Group X ”song.”



Kingdom Hearts Tribute
Brief but elegant Kingdom Hearts tribute.



Megaman & Pompous Robots
A cute Megaman toon poking fun at some Megaman characters.


Yes, yes, there’s tons and tons more game-related flashes that are pretty good that I’m missing here, like the Decline of Gaming series, etc., but I’m not going to go on forever.
If you want to see more of that stuff…

Check out Newgrounds for parodies and fan movies of all kinds of video games!


And there you have it. We’ve finished our final leg in our trip through fan-created flash animations. There’s plenty of good stuff out there that I missed, I’m sure. If you happen to find something you think is worthy of watching, send me a link at, and maybe I’ll post them later on in an extra edition.

Or you could just stick the links in the comments section. That would work, too.


This came to my attention today–it’s a sweet Pikmin short film–very touching.
Thanks to GoNintendo for showing this one.


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