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More Nintendo Short Cuts Entries

I’ve been peeling across YouTube in search of more quality Nintendo Short Cuts Entries, so I decided I’d share my findings with you…

This one is pretty cool and very creative, pulling elements from Nintendo games to make a news show.

Here’s the Punch-Out! video from earlier, just in case you missed it…

I really like this one. It’s charming and well-done.

A Wii video that’s well-made and has some odd philosophical spice thrown in.

A cute and well-produced, down-to-earth film about how the Wii brings people together.

I rather enjoy this quirky Smash Bros. short, too.

This one is very silly but amusing.

This one is kind of disturbing, but an interesting and amusing concept. It was conceptualized in a bar and filmed the night after–just before the deadline.

This one is very bizarre and cute–it’s a shadow puppet show.

Another amusing one about an evil Wii.

A strange one, but rather funny. “Unsolved Mysterious” on Luigi’s murder.


And this one? This one is completely unrelated. But it’s awesome. And if you stuck through all of that, this one won’t hurt ya.


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