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Mario Adventure!

What does the blog say about his power level?

It’s over



Obvious joke aside, I present to you…Mario Adventure:



Worthy to bear its name.

Mario Adventure is exactly what it sounds like–an epic Mario game. A hack of Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Adventure gives you the adventure elements mixed with sharp platforming that many wanted out of Super Paper Mario. No dimension-flipping going on here, but a lot of freshness and excellent gameplay, nonetheless.


Gamers are going to love this world.

The game starts off very simply, dropping you off in a main hub map screen. Similar to the Legend of Zelda, you have a number of areas you can choose to explore right off the bat. There are 7 pipes leading to 7 different worlds, with 7 locked doors in the distance which lead to an 8th. What you must do is travel through the 7 worlds, defeating beasts guarding your path, and find 7 secret keys to unlock the pathway to Bowser’s castle. The catch? The keys aren’t at the end of each world. They’re hidden somewhere. That’s why they’re secret. By beating a world, you earn a hint to help you find the cleverly hidden keys. They’re challenging to find, but not to the point of frustration if you’re patient and pay attention to your surrounding.

This element of finding the hidden keys gives you incentive to beat the world so you can freely explore all of the stages and use the hint you’ve earned to find the key. But what if you get stuck? No problem–you can play any world you want from the get go.

Sick of World 3? Try World 4. Want to start at World 7 and move backwards? You can–if you want to.

This openness and freedom of choice combined with the hidden key element gives Mario Adventure a unique gameplay setting all its own. But there’s more.


Toad, you slavedriver…

You have infinite lives, but don’t forget to pick up coins–you’ll need them to buy powerups at the Shroom Shops. And the powerups this time around deliver up some fresh new stuff you wish was in New Super Mario Bros. I won’t spoil them, but suffice it to say that you’ll be surprised and impressed–and not to mention pleased. You will actually feel powerful when using some of these. Furthermore, there’s the ability to store an item very much as you did in Super Mario World, but you can switch back and forth in the fly–in mid-jump, even. These innovations are very welcome–not as amazing as the freer exploration or hidden keys, but certainly welcome. And come on–Kuribo’s Shoe, anytime, anywhere you want it! You can’t refuse that!


The weather effects are a nice touch…

The graphics take a step up from the game this hack is building off of. Blocks and pipes have extra shading, and some new physical elements have been thrown in–not to mention the weather effect. When you enter a stage, it will be one of 4 seasons, a nice graphical effect that makes multiple play-throughs of a stage feel a little different.


Kuribo’s Shoe. Whenever you want it. HOTT.

You even have to find this chump at the end of every stage. Yea, doesn’t sound hard, right? Wait until you have to take 3 on at once and there’s pitfalls of lava or spikes around. There’s a lot to see and do in this game, and it’s a challenge. It’ll give you a solid amount of gameplay time–more than Super Mario Bros. 3 did, at least.

This is a bit of a review, I suppose, so I might as well give it what it deserves–bearing it mind that it’s a completely free NES game, and a fanmade one at that. For what it is:


Hardcore Difficulty


Sharp Gameplay


Editor’s Choice

Score: 4.5/5

This is the only game I’ve ever seen made by a fan to be truly worthy of the title Super Mario Bros. 4. But it’s current title is more appropriate–word has it that a 2nd one is in the works. There’s a lot more to discuss about this game, but why discuss it when you can play it?

Download it right here.

Read about it here.

You’ll need an NES emulator, though. There’s a link to one at the above site, or you an always Google it.

Below is a video that runs through the gameplay elements incorporated into the title. You can view that, too, if you wish.

And that, as they say, is that.

I have to thank you, my readers, for continuing to visit my site–I don’t know who most of you are, so please drop off some comments, spread the word if you really like my blog, and keep on coming. I’ll keep on writing.

Thanks for the support.


3 Responses to “Mario Adventure!”

  1. u have lots of good info but it dosent help me find the keys! i can beat all the worlds but that does me no good if i cant find the keys . please help

  2. Um…Beating the worlds reveal hints as to the whereabouts of the keys…
    Besides, I’m not going to spoil the game for you. =P
    If you really don’t have the patience to look for them, look up a FAQ. 😉
    That’s what they’re for. 😉

  3. This is my first post
    just saying HI

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