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Ideas for Brawl Stages

So earlier I chose my picks for Brawl characters. What about stages? I’ve been doing some pondering and came up with some whimsical ideas…

Super Mario Bros. 3

The original Smash had a Mario Bros. 1 level, and Melee made another Mario Bros. 1 level and added a Mario Bros. 2 level. It would only make sense to include a Mario Bros. 3 level, complete with a rockin’ remix. The visual aesthetic would have to be old-school, just like they’ve done in the past. You could have all sorts of elements such as falling/moving/spinning platforms, a giant Cheep-Cheep that pops out of the water below to eat you, music note blocks that bounce you around like bumpers…Lots of ideas come to mind.

I would opt for a standard Grasslands (World 1) level, but with some water in the “foreground,” enabling for Cheep-Cheeps to attack. I’d have some of those weird, multicolored blocks that are SMB3 fare in the center of the level, and I’d probably stick a few pipes in the level, just like the original Smash’s stage did–that pipe-traveling mechanic was fun time. There could also be a row of bricks running across a pit, and once in a while, a “P” switch could appear, which, when hit, would make the bricks turn into coins–thus causing anyone who happens to be standing on it to unexpectedly plummet.

I’m sure it’d be difficult to jam so many ideas into one level, but the more ideas you have to choose from, the better, and Mario Bros. 3 has a lot of elements which would translate perfectly to a retro stage.

Yoshi’s Story

Yes, I know–we’ve seen Yoshi’s Story before, right? Well, the stage I suggest would be more similar to the Pokemon Stadium stage: it would be the StoryBook sate select screen. You could have 3 or 4 different pages to alternate between–but there’s a twist.

I’d have the pages look about the same as they do in the original, complete with whatever hazards happen to be swirling about, and one cloudy platform high at the top (meaning each page would need some kind of means of getting up there). The purpose of the cloud at the top is that every time the page turns, if you’re still in the page and not on the cloud, you get crushed, meeting an instant death. I honestly don’t know if a Yoshi’s Story stage at all will make it in, but it’s an idea, and one I’d use if I was in charge. It could lead to some crazy matches.

As for specific pages, the standard stage could have some rotating platforms, those weird worms that changed directions when you jumped…Maybe that giant dragon? The jungle one could have that giant Cheep-Cheep thing going on (assuming we don’t use that for Mario Bros. 3) or maybe have some of those freaky moving platform-creatures…Piranha Plants would be sweet, too…The underwater area could have low gravity and that giant weird eel thing (the white one with spikes) swimming about and such to harm you. The castle page could have the blades and fireballs and all matter of craziness that goes on in that page.

ThornTail Hollow

Anyone remember ThornTail Hollow from Star Fox Adventures? Dinosaur Planet would make a great setting for a StarFox-themed level, especially if Krystal turns out to be in the game. You could have dinosaurs act as hazards, put some water in the middle of the stage to impede movement, maybe throw in some of those exploding bulb plants…If anything, it would be a fresh stage and a beautiful backdrop for a good fight.

Maybe a temple of some kind would work out better…

Or maybe you could go for that whole “riding platform” thing over the scenery and land periodically? I’ll admit, I’ve got few ideas for this one, but it’d just be a good-looking place to fight in.

Green Hill Zone

If Sonic does, in fact, make an appearance, he’s going to need a stage–and what better stage than his very first one?

Would you want to go for a realistic feel or a retro feel? I don’t know…but either way, it’d be awesome. As for what would make the stage interesting, you’ve always got:

‘s, ‘s, ‘s, and ‘s, to boot.

The bobbins could bounce you around like the bumpers of old, the springs could add an element of timing and strategy, the spines could round out the outside of the stage, or perhaps a lower section of the middle, and the bees could come in periodically and fry you. Either way, this stge could be sweet stuff.

NOTE: This place is a real level in Brawl! 


Space Statio Ceres

That new Ridley Boss Fight Music made me think of a stage that would match it…I instantly thought of the space station at the beginning of Super Metroid. It would be a high tensity stage, with lights flashing, steam burning, the ground trembling, and platforms crumbling. Good times to be had by all.

NOTE: While not specifically this place, there is a new interior Metroid level that looks a lot like it! 

Great Sea

The Great Sea from The Wind Waker is one of my favorite environments in a game, so seeing a Brawl stage would be sweet

So here’s my idea: you’ve got your platform suspended in the air above the ocean’s surface on a big wooden pole–there were a lot of umbrella-topped platforms like this that stuck out of the ocean–they’d be side by side, usually. My idea would be to either have one big one in the middle or two next to each other.

Below, at the ocean’s surface, you could have a raft or two floating about. A wooden platform could stick out of each wooden pole so you could jump up to get the bigger platforms above. In the background, the Forbidden Fortress could reside, off in the distance. It could periodically fire some canonballs out at the ocean, blasting the rafts to bits or hitting unsuspecting players.

A giant Octorok could rise from the depths once in a while, shaking the water up and thrashing his tentacles on the wooden platforms.

It would be kind of a big stage, but so was Hyrule Temple.
What, you want more? All right, here’s a stage concept (figure it out yourself)…Two words: Wario Ware. Craziness, no? I have NO IDEA how they’d make it a stage, though…

So those are a few of my own ideas. I can’t wait to see what actually ends up in the final game. The stages we’ve seen so far have me very satisfied–I only hope we see as many, if not more, as we did in Melee.

NOTE: The Great Sea is also a real level in Brawl! It’s different than my idea, though, but still captures a lot of the Wind Waker’s feeling. 


3 Responses to “Ideas for Brawl Stages”

  1. WarioWare has been confirmed as a stage! And it looks as crazy as I figured it would.

  2. Those are all wonderful ideas. I think I’d like Space Radio Ceres more than another “acid lava stage” for Samus (although the confirmed stage Norfair looks fairly original and fun). Lava isn’t even USED that much in her games for crying out loud! But yeah, I could totally see a raging battle in a colapsing elevator shaft as being a perfect smash stage.

    And though I love ALL those ideas, I’d be especially for a Windwaker stage. If not the great sea, maybe something like Dragon Roost Mountain or something.

  3. Well, at least they took an interior, metallic level idea for the other Metroid level.

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