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NES = Mainstream Gaming

So, earlier today, I was blown away.

While at a friend’s grandparent’s house, we were treated to a lovely dinner of chicken, and afterwards, one of my friends had wandered to the living room only to be reminded of the old NES stored there. He booted up Mario Bros. 3 and we filtered in, eager to play some of these older titles. As soon as I saw Dr. Mario, a game I’ve only recently been acquainted with (this spring my roommate and I played it religiously for a week or so), I knew I wanted to play it. I booted it up and my friend and I played a bit on low settings. Minutes later, the grandparents filed in, amused, and I was shocked to hear something I never thought I’d hear from my friend’s Grandma:

“You’re playing on Slow.”

It was a playful insult, and one I never would have predicted. How did she know we were playing on the Slow setting?

As we cleared the way and let the old couple pick up the classic NES game, we were astounded as they cranked up the settings and laid our attempts at Dr. Mario to waste. WHAT-THE-CRAP?, in an awesome way.

The NES really did reach out to everyone, didn’t it?


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