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Brawl Update: Sheik

That’s right — she’s back in action, fans. And she looks better than ever.

I normally wouldn’t point this out, but to any stubborn twats…

SHE HAS BOOBS THIS TIME. And long hair. And yes, like in Melee, they refer to her as FEMALE. That’s right, she is a GIRL, just in case anyone was still somehow on the stupid train of thought that she wasn’t.

Sheik’s design for Brawl was actually taken from concept art for Twilight Princess — so if Sheik had been in TP, this is what she would have looked like. If you ask me, it’s pretty cool that they went to the effort to make her match the other Zelda characters.

Now bask in her redesigned awesomeness:

Her special moves will remain the same, and it looks like she will share the same Final Smash as Zelda.

Now, cross your fingers with we as we hope that they tweaked her so that she is not ridiculously overbalanced this time around.


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