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Brawl Delayed — AGAIN.

I know, fans. Let’s pass the gin and tonic around and share a few tears.

“Due to delays in the completion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we’ve had to change the release date of the game to Sunday, March 9th.

I deeply apologize to the people who have looked forward to playing the game for so long and ask that you hold on just a little longer. Thank you for your patience.”


We know it’ll be worth it, but WHY are we getting a month delay while Japan is only seeing a WEEK delay? That makes little to no sense. Then again, neither does delaying it until the summertime in Europe. F5cking figures that when we’re so close, the carrot is yanked away yet again and we remember that’s it still on a string.


2 Responses to “Brawl Delayed — AGAIN.”

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  2. It’s probably a distribution thing. They needed to delay Japan and they want to have our launch demand near fully met. Europe is expensive and complicated to Distribute for, along with Australia.

    Still just as pissed even with knowing the reason though. lol

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