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Brawl Update: Distant Planet

Jumbo-sized backwoods environment with a naturey feel? Check.

Collecting pellets and throwing them into onions for items? Double check.

Torrential downpours? Checkeroo.

Giant Bulborb coming from the background for a snack? Hell yea!

Giant Bulborb swallowing you whole for an instant KO? DAMN STRAIGHT.

Looks like all of the Pikmin bases are covered. Just like Olimar’s moves, it’s predictable but in the good way because it pays excellent homage to its source but also adjusts to match Smash Bros. Looks like it’ll be one of my fav stages. The one thing that bothers me…is that I can’t quite tell what parts of the level are platforms…P

Really happy with this update for being a brand new stage and a well-designed one that uses the mechanics of the game it comes from and melds them into the gameplay. When the rain starts pouring, we’ll be trying to knock people left, and when the Bulblax comes, we’ll try to knock them right — all the while collecting pellets to try and collect items all the way. A very detailed stage, for sure, and a great update to (hopefully) get the ball rolling this week.


2 Responses to “Brawl Update: Distant Planet”

  1. It’s giant BulBORB, Eddy, BulBORB… You didn’t think I’d let you get away with that, now did you? That thing is massive though! My only problem is that Olimar is not that small compared to them in game, but then again, giant things are cool! So yeah…

    It is rather difficult to tell with the platforms, but it SEEMS to me to be the clump of vines in the middle, the three leaves above, and the hill to the left (and of course the Bulborb on the right when he comes in).

    I hope the background changes on occasion, or at least moves. Either way, this is one of my favorite stages yet, not just because it’s Pikmin, but it’s also very creative (I NEVER would have thought of using the onions and pellets like that, really cool).

  2. I doubt the background will move, and it doesn’t look like it changes TOO much, but that’s fine for me. We could use some less-changey levels.
    Anyway, SORRY, Bulborb. There’s only about 10 different kinds and some are Bulborbs and some are Bulblaxes.

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