Same Sky
All Worlds Share the Same Sky…

Custom Decals

Check out this stuff I’ve done to my gaming…stuff!


OK, I just like him.












Nothing fancy, I suppose, but me and my girlfriend did it all with our bare hands…except for Naruto, of course.

And because we did it ourselves, it has some extra charm.


5 Responses to “Custom Decals”

  1. You need an extra bottle cap (or whatever it is you used for the Smash logo) on the top of the upper left section. 😉 The stuff looks cool though. I’d love to do stuff like that with my gaming things, but I’d be afraid I’d break it…

  2. I KNEW someone would be a nerd and point that out.
    That last cap fell off the corner but I haven’t had the right glue to put it back on.

  3. Who are you calling a nerd, Mr. Customizer? >_>

  4. You. Didn’t say I wasn’t.
    Just pointing out that ONLY a nerd would even NOTICE that.

  5. Or someone very observant…

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