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Sheik Confirmed for Brawl (or maybe not?)

CoroCoro magazine had some juicy new leaked Brawl info today: they confirmed that Zelda’s Down B Special is “Twilight Transformation” which will turn her into Sheik, and that her Final Smash is the Arrows of Light from Twilight Princess.

They also revealed that Sonic and Snake are, in fact, unlockable and are not available at the outset — just as Sakurai stated eons ago.

As for what Sheik’s redesign will look like, we have no clue yet. I’m sure it’ll be sweet.

But here’s hoping that Zelda is improved for Brawl (she was low tier in Melee) and that Sheik is kicked down a few notches (she was top tier in Melee) so that we have a much more balanced dual-character this time around.

[NOTE: BrawlCentral has since declared that there was, in fact, NO info on Zelda’s down B, and thus Sheik has not been confirmed…but if you ask me, the hush-hush about the matter practically confirms it, anyway.  Also, a friend of mine who would be in the know about such things confirmed to me that Sheik is in the instruction manual.]

Also, in regards to Snake’s Final Smash, Brawl Central has this to say…


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