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Brawl Update: Captain Olimar!

A lot of fans will be pleased today to know that Captain Olimar of Pikmin fame (one of the most popular candidates for Brawl) was confirmed today!

Olimar plucks his Pikmin from the ground and uses them to fight — he can’t even do Smash attacks without them, but they tend to scatter. A much hoped-for but not QUITE expected update, Olimar’s addition only makes ANOTHER legion of Nintendo fans excited. I didn’t specifically need Olimar in to be happy — but now that he is and I know he’ll play uniquely, I’m pretty excited to use him AND experience the world of Pikmin in Smash Bros. Coincidentally, I just got back into playing Pikmin 2 a few days ago before I got into a Melee binge…

Brawl is looking even BETTER, folks, and we’re only a month away from release…

You can also check out a slick Pikmin remix here!


2 Responses to “Brawl Update: Captain Olimar!”

  1. […] an aside, Olimar was the Pikmin series was confirmed — he would be a character who ALMOST made this list for me, so I’m very happy to see […]


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