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Brawl Incoming: The Features

It’s a matter of days before Brawl launched in Japan and just over a month before it hits us here.

The Smash community is in a tizzy, for sure. And there’s a lot to be excited about. Any Smash fan who hasn’t been keeping up with the Brawl updates is missing out on knowing about just how crazy the game will be with its myriad of content.

So, with the release fast approaching, I felt it would be great to take a look at all of the new and returning features in the game that we know of as of right now. There’s a lot of stuff to be excited about whether it’s on the non-competitive front or the multiplayer mayhem. Either way you slice it, there’s one thing for sure: Brawl is going to be about making everyone happy by letting us play however we want.

With that said, let’s start off by taking a look at the ways players will be able to customize their experiences.

And how can you let players choose how they play more directly than with the controls? Brawl will have four different control options:

Each of these four control methods will also allow for button customization:

As you can see, there’s a lot of options there, including the ability to turn “Up-tapping” off, which I will certainly utilize myself.

Furthermore, when you register your profile name…

…you’ll be able to save your control configuration to that profile! And what’s more is that you’ll even be able to save that profile to your Wiimote to take it over to a friend’s, so that all of your customization is already done!

Whether or not all of our statistics will be saved is in question, but either way, it will make controller configurations more snappy.

Players will also be able to collect music CDs while playing, which will ad to their Song Collection.

The more music you collect, the more options you have for BG music. This time around, every franchise represented in a level form will have a set of music to collect, and using the My Music feature, players will choose the probability of which songs will be heard when a level is played

Some will be remixes, and some will be the original versions, but either way, it spices things up and ensures that players are left with plenty of musical options so they’ll never have to listen to a song they don’t like.

Players will also have access to the familiar Training Mode if they want to fool around or hone their combos.

Of course, when it comes to game modes, Brawl will allow for plenty of fine-tuned customization so everyone can play the way they like.

This includes a refined handicap system which acts differently: players will set handicaps so their starting damage meters are higher rather than altering their own personal damage ratios.

Players will even be able to mix and match Special Brawl modes to fit whatever their crazy style thrives on!

User-created content!

One of the amusing diversions of Melee was taking Snapshots, but it didn’t have the biggest payoff. This time, Brawl will let players take Snapshots ANY TIME they pause their game rather than in a separate mode.

This makes Snapshotting much more convenient, but this time around, they will serve more of a purpose.

After a Snapshot is saved to either the Wii system or an SD card, it can be sent to your Friends through the WiFi Connection!

This means you and your Smash friends willbe able to swap photos and share them across the internet! Furthermore, videos can be recorded and sent the same way — up to 3 minutes. Sakurai hasn’t specified how this works, but it’s a welcome feature, nonetheless.

And if that wasn’t enough, one of the biggest additions to Brawl will likely lead to hours and HOURS of extra playtime:


Using a set of options, players will be able to make Brawl levels of their own of various sizes and varieties.

This will allow for players to turn their own Brawl level ideas into reality, further giving players the ability to play however they want!

Create it, test it, edit it, finish it, name it, give it a comment, choose its BG music from your My Music collection, and BAM! You’ve created a level that you can share with your friends through the WFC!

That pink button? That allows players to Submit one level and one Snapshot per day to Nintendo — once a day, Nintendo will choose one Snapshot and one level that was submitted and send it out to EVERY Brawl user connected to the WFC! So every day, you’ll have new user-generated content along with your own creations and those of your friends!

Madness, indeed! Just be sure to leave some space free on your Wii system memory every day to receive this data, then copy it over to your SD card!


One of Brawl’s biggest claims to fame will no-doubt be its online services.

Players will be able to take on all comers through the WiFi Connection — either Friends that they’ve registered or total strangers. If you want the full experience, though, you’ll want to play your registered Friends.

First, you’ll need to connect…

Then, you’ll want to enter your Friend’s codes and have them register you, too.

From then on, whenever you log in, you’ll be able to see who’s online and what they’re up to!

Create a room and invite your Friends to play, or join them! You’ll be able to save SIXTY FOUR friends on your list, so don’t be shy!

Be sure to check the colored circle in each Friend’s profile — th ebluer it is, the smoother your connection. The closer to red, the more lag you’ll experience.

Before you start, though, you’ll want to pick your icon…

Then, you’ll want to punch in your welcome comment as well as the messages which will display when you do any of your different taunts.

Once you’re ready to roll, get in there and play with your pals!

And if none of your friends are around, you can always play anyone and everyone online — however, you won’t know their names or be able to send info. Still, though, this means you’ll have no excuse to play alone if you have a connection.

Players will have 45 seconds to choose their character and pick the level they want. The level will be chosen by lottery based on the ones selected by players.

Items that get turned off will also be chosen this way, too, but we don’t know how much power players will have over changing the rules, etc. Another interesting feature is that if someone logs off in the middle of a match, the CPU will automatically take over! How sweet is that? It may not be a human, but it will prevent the flow of a match from being broken down. And sometimes, you probably won’t even be able to tell.

And if you want, you can even WATCH people play Brawl online and bet coins on the winner in Spectactor mode — try and earn some coins for trophies while watching how people play to learn new skills.

Clearly, online play will add a LOT to Brawl’s longevity…But that’s not all you can play online!


There are a lot of new Co-Op features this time around, including:

Subspace Emissary, the brand-new Adventure Mode! (Not sure about Online yet…)

The Home-Run Contest (ONLINE!)

The new Event Mode!

Multi-Man Brawl! (ONLINE!)

Target Smash!

Clearly, the creators wanted to see a lot more co-operative play this time around, and I’m sure players will love that the option for it is there.

With all of these detailed options, massive online support, co-op play all over the place, online sharing of user-created content, online competition, and detailed options for mode customization and control customization, Brawl will truly be a shining new standard for multiplayer games on Nintendo’s platforms, and will match greats like Halo 3 in its features, to boot. Sakurai and his team have been determined to create a game for Nintendo fans which will keep us busy for years to come and flourish a whole new community of Smashers — I think they’ve succeeded. Brawl will be hitting Japan on the 24th, so expect lots of new info to leak out around then, leading up to the US release on February 10th!

Hats off to the team for packing in so much content, features, options, and attention to detail. This will go down as one of Nintendo’s biggest endeavors.


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