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Smash Kingdom (Hilarious Brawl Flash)

I found this today on Newgrounds — it’s HILARIOUS, and it just keeps going on and on.

Lots of Brawl-update in-jokes and some 3rd party joking around as well.

Bear in mind that it contains some material that many would find highly offensive.

With that, enjoy.

Remember, kids: pussies run home and tell their mommies; cool kids solve their problems with hammers.

My “oh, snap!” moment had to have been G-dorf’s comment which said something along the lines of:
“WTF is top tier? I think you mean top QUEER!”

God, I hate tourney bullsh!t…and overbalanced/underbalanced-ness…
Hopefully Brawl will fix that…

ANYWAY, watch it, love it, laugh at it.
It’s good clean stuff.

I have a feeling a number of one-liners in here will become Brawl in-jokes amongst my friends…


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