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Aquaria Released!

After a week-long marathon of behind-the-scenes content from Bit-Blot, everything has culminated in the release of their newest title: Aquaria. The winner of last year’s Independent Games Festival, Aquaria is a 2D, sidescrolling, underwater action experience.

The game features hand-painted artwork that’s highly detailed combined with a gorgeous soundtrack to create a majestic atmosphere — a world hand-crafted by two independent developers.

After 5 hours of gameplay, I must say I’m just as impressed as I thought I might be. The voicwork is great, the writing is good, the music is excellent, the graphics are clean and the design is elegant. The mouse control is smooth and clean, though I personally like incorporating a few keys. 😉 Options = good.

Anyway, you can go to their website here and download the demo — the game’s $30, and looks to be a great deal since I’ve played for 5-6 hours and still look to have a ways to go. The open-ended world with all types of goodies to go out of your way to find — if you wish it — is great, the cooking system adds a good touch, and the bosses have proved to be challenging.

This stuff is great, so give it a go!

Also, if the above link doesn’t work for the demo…

Try here.


One Response to “Aquaria Released!”

  1. Holy crap, that looks incredible.

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