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(Mini) Review: Super Mario Galaxy

It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo has finally created one of those landmark achievements in gaming history. We’re looking at a rebirth of the platforming genre, and Super Mario Galaxy has set an extremely high standard. A worthy sequel to Super Mario 64? More like a title that succeeds it and every other 3D platformer in practically every way. It’s beautiful art design tops anything we’ve seen on Wii by quite a margin. Would more polygons really make it look much better? I think not. The stellar and epic soundtrack is unlike anything you’ve heard in a platformer before, using old-school Mario remixes with sweeping orchestral tracks to set marvelous ambiance. All of this is icing on the cake, however, and an immaculate cake it is.


Super Mario Galaxy’s gameplay is unrivaled in modern-day platforming, delivering a massive variety of stages that provide all kinds of challenges and bend the mind with their gravity-warping features. Time and time again, you will be taken aback by the brilliance and fluidity of these level designs. This is one of the best platformers ever made, and, in this critic’s opinion, one of the best video games made to date. Nintendo has crafted a modern masterpiece of game design, striking a practically perfect balance with everything it tries to do.

Is Super Mario Galaxy perfect? No — but I don’t think any game is. However, it is about as perfect as video games get, and its brilliant design reminds us of precisely why we all started playing video games in the first place: having fun. You know a game is good when you find yourself saying, “Wow, that’s one of my favorite levels ever!” and you do it to practically every single one. Quality, quantity, and execution — it’s all here.

Hail to the original king of gaming as he reclaims his spot at the top amidst this stagnant world of blood and shooting. Believe the hype, ladies and gentleman — Super Mario Galaxy is out of this world.


Superb Soundtrack


Outstanding Visuals



Intuitive Control/Gameplay


Fun for the Family


Great Value



Sharp Gameplay


Editor’s Choice


Score: 5/5


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