Same Sky
All Worlds Share the Same Sky…


The long-anticipated announcement was finally made at Nintendo’s Fall conference, as many hoped.

I am a very happy man.





Now just give me Krystal and every character who I truly want in Brawl who I know has a good shot will be in.

Mari, Link, Zelda, and Sonic, my favorite gaming icons, are now all officially in — so I’m very happy.


3 Responses to “SONIC JOINS THE BRAWL!!!”

  1. I’m glad to see everyone’s as stoked as I am about the inclusion of the mighty Sonic in Brawl. The all-important question now is when will the title finally surface in Europe.


  2. Actually, the US now has that question, too, since it looks like Brawl has been — surprise — delayed.
    And after all that promising Reggie made back at E3…
    Not cool…

  3. Its coming out on the 10th of Feb for you guys… still no word on a Europe release date *sigh* anyways all I need now is Mega man, WW Link, Black Knight and Ridley…

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