Same Sky
All Worlds Share the Same Sky…


As Sakurai himself said, “Heroes always arrive late.”

Such is the case with the man, the myth, the gaming legend, Solid Snake. While we’ve known about his existence in Brawl for a while, we didn’t know very much about him. Today, hot off the heels of Konami’s TGS presence, Snake is revealed, along with music from MGS4 for Brawl, and some of his special moves.

The music can be found here.


His Smash attacks even use explosives:

His special moves, of course, make use of such devices:

<Side Special Move: Remote Missile>

Control it yourself!

Press shield if things get too hairy to let it go.

<Standard Special Move: Hand Grenade>

Pull the pin, and, depending on how you tilt the stick, you’ll lob it at different angles:




<Up Special Move: Cypher>

Snake can utilize his special camera device…

…to get back to the stage!

(Look at that pretty view!)

With Snake getting such special treatment, the mind boggles at the thought of the other 1 or 2 3rd party characters who will be joining him.


2 Responses to “Snake? SNAKE?? SNAAAAAAAAAKE!!!”

  1. Those graphics look great. It’s so weird to see Snake interacting with Mario. They’re from two different worlds i tell ya!

  2. what is the attack in snakes first picture where it says he is shooting something up.

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