Same Sky
All Worlds Share the Same Sky…


So, Brawl online was confirmed today! Rejoice and be glad!

However, those expecting some grand XBox Live-like service will be disappointed. Sakurai was open and honest in saying that it will be laggy across very far distances (basically, other countries).

You can play the two traditional NWC ways: With Friends or With Anyone.

With friends, your options are robust, including names, icons, status, and macros you can assign to the D-Pad to use as taunts in-game. These are entered in advance. I can hear the hardcore crying out already: “WTF WHERE IS MY VOICECHAT???”

Playing with anyone is a very different story.

You won’t know their names, you can’t use macros, and stats won’t be recorded — so no online leaderboards. Yea, yea, go cry some more, kiddies.

Nintendo has a reason for everything, and while some of these decisions may not make sense, I personally think they’re just trying to be safe and work with what they know they can do well.

Oh, yea! And you can practice on the Sandbag while the online matches are getting prepared!

Rest assured, I’ll be putting my FC up here after release so if anyone wants to take me on, let me know. I can save 64 friends on my list, after all! 😉


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