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Seeking Out BioShock

Yeeeeaaa…So everything I predicted about BioShock seems to be true…A masterful work of interactive fiction? It sure sounds like it from everything I’ve read.

Now the issue is actually getting to PLAY the bloody thing…I own no 360.

So, what I intend to seek out in the next month or so is someone who’s willing to lend me their 30 in return for, well…whatever it is I have they’d want to borrow. I’ll rent BioShock and play it, then send both items back…or I guess I could let the 360 owner play BioShock in return for letting me borrow their console…

Either way, I’m determined to find some way of playing this game…one way or another.


One Response to “Seeking Out BioShock”

  1. If only every thing in life was a simple as that XS

    Hopefully someone will oblige i my self don’t have a 360… but for a free game id let anyone borrow it XD (If i had one that is).

    Ridley for brawl!

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