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Top Tens?

So I’ve decided that since I’ve been preoccupied with Zentendo and what-not, I could start writing up my own “Top Tens” just so people can get a grasp on my interests better, and such. It’s important to know a reviewer’s interests because it helps you decide how much you value their opinions.

I think I’m gonna do these:

(Assume there’s a “Top 10” in front of each one)

NES Games

SNES Games

N64 Games

Gamecube Games

PS2 Games

PS1 Games (maybe)

DS Games

Game Boy Advance Games

Game Boy (Color) Games  (maybe)


I may go on and rank the entries in my favorite series, too (with a Top 5, say), just so people know which Zelda I like more, etc.

Yes, I somehow have no motivation to post here — right now.


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