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E3 ’07

E3 ’07 was a big disappointment for many core gamers, mainly because of how spoiled the culture has gotten and how much we’ve come to expect from E3. Nintendo didn’t deliver the core announcements I thought they would. How much that will hurt them in the future is yet to be seen, but they have one hell of a fall lineup, regardless.

E3 was an experiment this year, and much more toned down. All eyes weren’t on it, so the big announcements didn’t come. People want to show off their stuff when nothing else is going on, so they get all of the attention. Makes sense. Plus, there’s so much stuff going on this fall, it’s too early to worry about ’08.

I’m totally fine with E3’s showing this year, myself. I’m getting even more than I would want this fall from Nintendo alone. I’ve talked this subject to death and am not in the mood to do it again here, but suffice it to say that I am rather annoyed with the gaming community’s immature hissy fit over E3 this year. Get over it.


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