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Brawl Update: Zero Laser

Samus’ final smash was revealed, and it’s one we’ve seen before: the Zero Laser.

After charging up her Final Smash, Samus unleashes…

…an insanely powerful laser that racks up tons of damage.

Afterwards, however, she’s left as Zero Suit Samus.

Looks like that attack was so powerful it blew her armor off.

All right, fan boys, stop slobbering. Geez…

You can pick up and throw the pieces of her armor that crumble off, too!


2 Responses to “Brawl Update: Zero Laser”

  1. That beam effect is wicked! The fact that you can use the armor as weapons afterwards reminds me of the PC game Little Fighter 2.

  2. Looks like a monster attack.

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