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Brawl Update: Assist Trophies

Yet another new item has been added to the roster–this one looks to be the most intriguing yet.

It’s called the Assist Trophy. What does it do?

Smash Bros. Brawl really seems to be taking cues from other fighters–Final Smashes are like Super Moves, and Assist Trophies are an item that will act similarly to assist moves in other fighters. You’ll never know who is in one when you use it, but Assist Trophies summon forth characters to jump into the battle and aid you for a brief period of time before leaving. This will no doubt be the source of many unique cameo appearances of characters, and I’m sure fans can’t wait to see who will show up to lend a hand.

As an example, there’s the Hammer Bro. What does he do?

What do you think?

The bizarre screen-blocking Nintendog now makes sense–it’s an Assist Trophy!

Also revealed today was Samurai Goro from the F-Zero series.

He slices and dices your foes.

Sakurai also states that the majority of Assist Trophy characters will be invincible, very much like many Pokemon.

Essentially, Assist Trophies are Pokeballs that shoot out Nintendo characters instead of just Pokemon.

I love it.


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