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Red VS Blue: The End of an Era

The 100th episode of Red VS Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles finally aired yesterday.

In case you missed it, it has three different endings–click on each red word in Burnie’s post for a different ending.

I don’t know which one I like more. They’re all pretty cool.  The show went out with a bang, posing the question, “Why Were We Here?” to which it answered, “To make you bastards laugh!” and laugh we did. We laughed for 4 years. It’s hard to believe that it’s finally over. I’m gonna miss the Red VS Blue gang, and can’t wait to see what projects Rooster Teeth has waiting in the wings.

I’m glad they opted for a silly ending–3, in fact–while paying tribute to the long series.

See ya guys–maybe we’ll catch you in some PSAs down the road. In the meanwhile, good luck, Rooster Teeth. I know I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.


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