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Brawl Update: Wario’s Special Moves

Two of Wario’s special moves were revealed today…

Side Special Move: Wario Chopper

Wario hops onto his hog and starts driving.

Tilt the control stick in the opposite direction for a 180 turn.

You can jump off, but you’ll have to find your bike to use it again.

Down Special Move: Wario Waft

The infamous special move shown off at the E3 ’06 trailer, the Wario Waft builds up power the longer you go without using it.

Release it too soon, and it’ll be a puny lil’ toot.

Be patient, and you’ll have some explosive power beneath your belt.

Wario’s special moves look to fit into the Smash Bros. mold nicely–in their own bizarre way, at least.


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