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Brawl Update: Player Profiles

Today, Sakurai updated the Brawl site by revealing some new information on the player profile options.

Players will be able to enter in their names as ID for their profiles. However, this time around, these will play a more important role, as they not only will save player stats and the like, but will also have customized control settings.

Not only will players’ profiles save which type of controller they use, they will be able to have customized button settings–a first for the series.

From the looks of it, Brawl is stepping up in the customization department. While we still don’t know exactly how the new controllers will operate, at least we now know that we will able to set the button configuration in any way we wish.

Sakurai also had this to say:

“We’re also considering allowing you to save your name to the memory in your Wii Remote so you can bring your settings with you to your friend’s house…

But if we can’t make that happen, I apologize.”


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