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Zentendo Will Strike Soon!

Pretty soon, we’re going to be launching Zentendo, our new Nintendo news site.

 Zentendo Logo

We’re coming on July 1st.

And, as I hinted at earlier, we’re going to be getting a megaton endorsement shortly after our launch. Stay tuned for that. 😉 That’s all I can say for now.


One Response to “Zentendo Will Strike Soon!”

  1. That looks really cool. Good luck to you.

    I haven’t been a die-hard Nintendo guy since the N64 (I’m old! I remember NES, dammit), but the Wii is making me re-think the big N.

    I distinctly remember OCARINA OF TIME being the best game I’d ever played… I should probably get a Wii and check out TWILIGHT PRINCESS.

    Oh, well. Very cool site. Cheers.

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