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The Girlfriend is Gaming

So, it turns out, my girlfriend has decided to start playing Dragon Quest 8–by her own will. She made that decision all by herself, and has been telling me of her progress, and casually explaining to me what she intends to do next in the same way a gamer would.

“Well, I’ve got a lot of money, and the shop at the last town has Holy Water, so I think I’m gonna go back and buy some to use to get through the dungeon so I can get my third party member. Maybe I should level-up some first, though…”

That’s paraphrasing, but rest-assured, she said all of that throughout our last conversation. And ya know what’s funny? She’s been saying that Dragon Quest 8 isn’t as complex as she’d like. Ha! Fancy that!

Furthermore, my friend was teaching his fiance, a gamer, Smash Bros. Melee, following my lead, no doubt. Guess what? She, being a gamer, had more difficulty than my girlfriend did in catching on! That makes me all the more proud of her. Mwaha.

After that, we played with handicaps on Auto…and guess what? His fiance, a NEWCOMER to Smash, mostly kept up with us! She survived and had fun through the entirety of our matches! I didn’t realize just how useful handicaps really are in this game! They made it a challenge for me to play against her!

Combine this with Brawl’s potentially intuitive Wii controls and I have restored faith in Theresa joining in on some Smash Bros. Brawl action comes fall.


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