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Gamers Unite – Part 1

An interesting new documentary in parts about gamers. Give it a watch, friends.


Lots of Smash mentioned here-cool. I’m glad to see someone is making a serious documentary to really analyze the gaming community. Granted, not all of these people represent who I am entirely well, but, hey…They’re representing themselves. They have some very true things to say that people don’t think about because of stereotypes. I have to admit, though, video games have brought a number of friends to my life, and that’s not something you can bash. Anything that brings people together in brotherhood and friendship has good in it, if you ask me.

I mean, really–I’m a nerd. But what do you my brother, who obsesses over baseball the way I do video games? Oh, he’s not a nerd because it’s baseball? It’s the same thing–just a different hobby. What about people who really like movies, or drawing, or writing? Everyone has hobbies, and people like to find what they’re good at and improve their skills–that’s exactly what gamers do.

As for me, I only care about improving to a small degree–having fun is what matters most to me . But I do want to improve my writing skills, my ability to be a gaming journalist some day. And I have a feeling that this summer, with the start of Zentendo, my skills will be pushed even more to grow. I guess you guys reading this will be there for the ride.


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