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1Up Boards FTW

I finally got a mention on my favorite radio show, 1Up Yours.

They made a reference to my question about how game developers will probably follow suit on Halo 3 and start sending out betas of their games for folks to play beforehand.

Granted, some of them chuckled at first because that statement doesn’t really start a conversation–the extent is, “Yea, pretty much.”

But they went on to discuss the difference between demos and betas, which is the key matter of that discussion–betas enable people to play multiplayer with each other and people know the product is unfinished. They can give feedback. A demo, on the other hand, if what people expect the final product to be and don’t spark comments.’

Anyway, sweet times–I got recognized, and that’s a good step. Maybe I should spend some more time on the new boards. I just came up with a new discussion to talk about…


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