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A Zelda Vet Passes Away…

This heart-touching message was sent to GoNintendo by reader Chris:

Yesterday the legend of Zeldas oldest fan has passed away, my grandpa age 73 died of lung cancer. He was the biggest Zelda fan anyone could have been. He completed every console version of zelda and even all the Game Boy versions. In a way it brought him and I together. Him calling to tell me how to get this heart piece in a link to the past, or him calling to ask how to get the mirror shield in ocarina of time. He was an avid zelda fan, he bought every nintendo console just for zelda. He would collect and do every single thing you could do in the game. Sadfully he didn’t get to complete twilight princess, he got halfway threw the game then couldn’t continue any longer because of the cancer. Its funny, because how many 70 year olds that are subscribed to nintendo power. Im writing this because I dont think I would have been as close to my grandpa if it wasn’t for zelda. Its sad to say but my family isnt that close. Ya I will miss his calls asking questions on twilight princess, And I just wanna thank nintendo for creating something so great that it brought me and my grandpa together.

I’m sorry for your loss, Chris, but I’m glad that your grandfather enjoyed his time here and bonded with you through your common interest. It’s amazing how video games can bring people together, even across such large age gaps.


One Response to “A Zelda Vet Passes Away…”

  1. I think i just cried.

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