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Like I Said…

Reflecting on the franchise he’s worked on for nearly a decade, Eiji Aonuma told the audience of his GDC 2007 lecture that “[With Twilight Princess] We had to make a game that met expectations of fans in North America. If it didn’t, it could mean the end of the franchise.” Aonuma delivered on those expectations – in the view some, his team surpassed them with style. And so to those who bestow this venerable franchise your respect, even if merely an ounce, I ask only this: allow the creators the freedom they deserve, the freedom to now take Zelda to heights unimaginable, rather than bind Link to the trappings of acute familiarity.

Taken from The Wiire’s recent editorial.

Like I said, the franchise needs a redo, and the reason why Twilight Princess didn’t delver it is because ever since OoT, all fans have done is bitch and moan about how badly they wanted a game like OoT all over again. And they got it. And it’s a damn good game. But for Din’s sake, could all you pissers and whiners shut up and let Nintendo make another truly unique experience? It’d be a lot better than demanding of the same and then complaining 3 years later when you get exactly what you asked for.


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